Picture Perfect

A photographer lives with three young women; 18 year-old, Miracle who is so shy and introverted she won’t leave the house without him, 20 year-old, Sasha who dreams of starring on Broadway, and 22 year-old, Paris who dropped out of college to mooch off him once more. Ever since the girls’ mother abandoned them several years ago, our middle-aged MC has had a tough time managing everything, to say the least.    

He’s in danger of losing the house, though he keeps it a secret from the trio of girls. When he stumbles upon the opportunity to work with an up and coming model, he jumps at it. But doing so might cause more problems than he knows. Now it’s your job to help our protagonist change his desolate fate! You’ll help him make choices and hopefully have a little fun along the way ;]


Download the game here! — https://www.patreon.com/PtolemyxSuperWriter

Discord (Where you can chat about the game and ask questions) — https://discord.gg/J227WNy


Ever since she was young, 18-year-old Miracle has been shy. Actually, it might be more accurate to say she has a phobia of crowds and other people. That’s most likely the reason she chose to attend a local college despite having the grades to attend more prestigious universities further away. Regardless of her reserved demeanor, she is an absolute sweetheart and does her best to interact with Brandon and the two other girls.


Sasha is in the middle of the two girls at 20, though age means nothing to her. She doesn’t take shit from anybody and doesn’t think twice about letting the world knows how she feels. Her dream is becoming a star on Broadway, but she’s had very little success, with the small plays she’s managed to act in. Will she be able to achieve stardom, or fail miserably?

The oldest girl is 22-year-old Paris, and it’s not an exaggeration to say she’s a firecracker. Like Sasha, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, though it’s usually at someone else’s expense. She’s usually the center of attention and the party usually starts when she walks in the room, if you let her tell it. But that attitude and playing around is why she’s back home from dropping out of college and decided to freeload off Brandon again.

Lenore is what some would call… high maintenance, if you want to be politically correct, bitch if you don’t.  Although she’s just as beautiful. And that beauty has propelled her to being one of the fastest rising models in the city. Her attitude has made her very difficult to work with, despite her recent success and that in turn might threaten her career. That’s where Brandon comes, but even he might not be able to survive the fiery Lenore.

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Secret Summer

You were taken and separated from your family to be trained as the successor to John’s lucrative business. After hearing Norah crying during one of your phone calls, you decide to find any way back to her and her daughters. That’s when an idea pops into your head that just might make the reunion possible. But that same idea comes with it’s own set of problems and your secret summer visiting the girls may be harder than you anticipated.

Among them, there is the very serious 23-year-old Zoe who’s been aiming to be a top lawyer since she could talk – and argue. The complete opposite of her would be 19-year-old Kelsey who decided to take a year off after graduating… Though that year soon turned into two, and Zoe makes her disapproval abundantly clear any chance site gets. And then there’s the 37-year-old high maintenance and bourgeois Irene that everyone tries to stay clear off, or you risk running her wrath. 18-year-old tomboy Autumn who wants to prove herself as the freshman on her college track team. The 39-year-old Norah who wants to take care of everyone, even if that means neglecting herself. And there’s the 33-year-old Camille who is the definition of laid-back, but might have problems of her own.


Download the game here! — https://www.patreon.com/SuperWrit3r

Discord (Where you can chat about the game and ask questions) — https://discord.gg/J227WNy

41-year-old Irene has been with the twins’ father for the last several years, and quickly made it known that she was not to be messed with. Of course, that immediately put her into the gold-digger category, and her pornstar-like figure did not help the  image. Despite the protests, their father refused to listen, establishing her presence among them. But there might be more to her than just her chest balloons.

39-year-old Norah is what many would consider Southern Bell, just without being from the South. She always puts other’s needs ahead of her own, even if it is an inconvenience. But that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover either! She’s kind to a fault, but can hold her own when she needs to.  Her passion is cooking and she’s very good at it, even though the food doesn’t leave the kitchen.

Camille is 33, though she hardly acts like it. She considers herself a free spirit, never staying on one career path or job for too long. Which is why she has more degrees and certificates than she knows what to do with. Recently, she’s found something the she’s really good at enjoys, though she hides it, because it might cause trouble for her and the others.

Zoe is 23, but don’t let her age fool you. She’s by far the most serious out of all the girls. Ever since she could talk, she’s aspired to be a lawyer. That same personality is why she gets on everyone’s case to aim as high as her, and of course that causes conflict. To say all that, she isn’t a bad person. Zoe wants everyone to succeed, though her standards might be a bit too lofty.

20-year-old Kelsey is definitely the most easygoing out of all the girls, which is why her taking a break after graduating high school soon stretched into two years with no sign of her leaving home. She sure knows how to have a good time though, usually the life of the party and getting everyone to have a good time.


Autumn is the youngest at 18, but she has plenty going for herself already. She earned a full scholarship into college as one of the city’s top track athletes and wants to reach even greater heights. She’s always been into sports instead of more girly and feminine activities, so that put her in the tomboy category early on. Despite that, she might be more interested in those things as a young woman now.

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